First 6th Grade BLITZ Day a Success

blitz  \ ˈblits  \

Definition of blitz

a : an intensive aerial military campaign

b: a fast intensive nonmilitary campaign or attack

c: a rush of the passer by a defensive linebacker, back, or end in football

d: an occurrence in which large numbers of fish gather to chase and feed on prey or bai

e: when a legion of support (administrators, deans, counselors, teachers) comes together to help students get quality work completed

Sixth grade students experienced their first BLITZ day on Monday, September 9th.  A BLITZ day is part of our ICU system, the same system that sends parents texts and emails about their students’ missing assignments.  We chose to use ICU because it helps create high expectations and accountability, both with our students and our teachers. 

Students with assignments on the ICU list were assigned a staff member to help them get caught up with missing assignments, making sure they were handing in quality work. Students not on the ICU list had the opportunity to explore two of Nebraska City’s fine museums: the Kregel Windmill Factory Museum and the Civil War Veterans Museum.  

The results of this day were positive on many fronts.  The students were relieved to get their names off of the ICU list, teachers saw many missing assignments being handed in, and relationships were built.  Of course, those that were able to experience our city with each other learned about our history and about each other.