The longer I teach, the more common it seems for students to struggle with number sense. Although there are many contributing factors to this dilemma, it seems to come down to fewer encounters...

Because ELA includes reading, writing, grammar and spelling, our weeks are busy and varied. It seems as though the days fly by! Currently, students are on unit 9 in spelling which reviews...


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6th grade band and vocal concert Tuesday, December 10th at 7:00 pm. Concert is in the middle school gym.

Craig Taylor

7 days ago

Another Adjustment: Due to other conflicts, the Syracuse basketball game needed to be changed, again. We will play Syracuse at Home on Monday December 16th @ 4:15pm. Sorry for the changes, we appreciate your patience and understanding. Go Pioneers!

Kaleb Walker

10 days ago

Schedule Change: Due to gym renovations in Syracuse, we will now be playing our Boys Basketball Game with Syracuse at Home on Tuesday December 10th starting at 4:30pm (C, B, A games). Thank you for your understanding! Go Pioneers!

Kaleb Walker

11 days ago

Clarification of start times for 7th and 8th grade concerts tomorrow night.
7th Grade starts at 6:00
8th Grade starts at 7:15
sorry for any confusion

Craig Taylor

13 days ago

School is dismissed at 1:30 tomorrow. Buses will run accordingly.
7th and 8th band and choir concert is 12-3
6th grade concerts are on 12-10

Craig Taylor

19 days ago

The boys basketball game tonight is at home starting at 4:15pm. We have learned there may have been a discrepancy on location, the game is at Nebraska City Middle School. Sorry for any confusion there may have been. Go Pioneers!

Kaleb Walker

21 days ago

8th grade agriculture students are pollinating cucumbers today. Let's hope we get some cucumbers and that they are tasty!

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Sarah Knutson

26 days ago

Without Math, Science is just magic.

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Ben Foust

26 days ago