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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  When is the Library Media Center open?

A:  7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. daily.  You may visit the library using a teacher-issued pink pass or with permission from the media specialist.

Q:  How many books can I have checked out at one time?

A:  You may have up to four items checked out.  We recommend that you limit yourself to two items, however, until you're certain that you can successfully keep track of your books and magazines.

Q: How long can I check out a book? 

A:  You can check out a book for three weeks. If you aren't finished with it in the time allowed, please stop by and renew it.

Q:  Can I check out magazines?

A :  Yes, magazines can be checked out just like books.  The only exceptions are the current issues.

Q:  Do you have fines?

A:  Yes.  Fines are levied at the rate of 5¢ per day.  However, we're very forgiving.  If you return your book within 4 days of the due date, you will not be charged.  When the daily fine charge reaches 25¢, you will need to pay the fine before you can check out any additional materials.  We never charge more than 25$ for a late item unless it has been lost or damaged.

Q:  What about printing?

A:  School-related pages may be printed at no charge. When printing, you need to select your printer.  Choose either Media Center or Keyboarding depending on which lab you are using at the time.  If you have several pages to print, check with the media specialist for help.

Q: Does the library have a copier?

A: No, the copier has been removed.

Q: What software applications are on the computers?

A: The most commonly used applications are Microsoft Word and Powerpoint.  However, Apple's Pages and Keynote are also available for word processing and presentation creation.